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Dr. Marike


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Hi there, I’m Marike, a Metaphysician, Life Coach Trainer and Mentor.

I specialize in working with women from the Millennial generation,

have a passion for personality analysis and empowerment.

I am an accredited coach with a wealth of qualifications, including a Doctorate in Metaphysical Sciences and diverse certifications in coaching modalities gathered since my journey started in early 2020.

Author of "From Sidekick to Superhero: Becoming the main character in your story," a guide to taking control of one's narrative and empowering transformation.

Proud founder of Boheems Academy, an online coach training school launched in January 2023, providing a well-rounded education for aspiring coaches.

Founder of The Millennial Empowerment Collective, a panel of qualified life coaches working with Millennial women on personality analysis, each coach bringing their unique specialty to foster personal development.

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Free Resources

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The Clarity Catalyst System

Pre-Coaching Questionnaire

Welcome to The Clarity Catalyst System, a transformative experience designed for Millennial women seeking a profound journey of self-discovery and personal growth. As a seasoned coach and mentor with a wealth of qualifications, including a Doctorate in Metaphysical Sciences and diverse certifications in coaching modalities, I'm excited to guide you through this evolution.

Tier 1: Inner Radiance Embark on the foundational stage of the Clarity Catalyst System. In this tier, you'll delve into essential emotional intelligence skills to boost self-awareness, effectively manage emotions, and cultivate meaningful relationships. Gain the tools necessary not only for your personal growth but to mentor others in emotional intelligence.

Tier 2: Essence Exploration Journey into the depths of your authentic self. We'll explore your unique personality traits, strengths, and core values. This tier not only enhances your self-awareness equips you with the insights needed for your path to living in alignment with your true self.

Tier 3: Empowered Evolution Ready for the ultimate empowerment? Tier 3 is a comprehensive journey, incorporating every technique in my extensive coaching toolbox. This stage is designed for your personal empowerment.

Session Fees & Program Duration: The 45 minute sessions happen once a week, payable upfront at R1000 per session. The full program lasts for 12 months.

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From Sidekick to Superhero

Discover how to cultivate mindfulness for inner peace,

find lasting happiness, define your life's purpose to achieve

your dreams; harness the Law of Attraction;

develop emotional intelligence for healthier relationships;

and embrace your authentic self.

This guide is not just a book; it's your path to personal empowerment. Whether overcoming obstacles or seeking fulfillment, let this be your roadmap to become the hero of your own epic tale. Ready to rewrite your narrative? Join Dr. Marike on this transformative adventure and uncover the power within you.

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Personality Tests

The link above is an affiliate links with This means that, at no additional cost to

you, I will earn a commission if you click through and purchase a membership. You will be

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The links above are affiliate links with This means that, at no additional cost to

you, I will earn a commission if you click through and purchase an assessment. You will be

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Millennial Empowerment Collective

Launching Soon!

Our mission is to create a vibrant and supportive space for millennial women to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and empowerment. We believe in fostering a sense of authenticity, resilience, and inner strength. Through the guidance of our experienced life coaches, we aim to empower each woman to unveil her true self, navigate life's challenges with confidence, and build meaningful connections within a community of like-minded souls. Together, we embrace the journey of personal growth, celebrating the unique power that resides within each and every woman. Join us as we illuminate the path to self-empowerment, creating a sisterhood that uplifts, inspires, and thrives together.

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Boheems Academy is a premier life coaching academy offering a range of life coaching courses.

We believe that knowledge is power, and through our academy, we empower individuals to unlock their full potential, achieve personal growth, and create meaningful changes in their lives.

Boheems Academy Courses are accredited by the International Guild of Complementary Therapists and hosted on the Udemy Platform.

Current courses available include:

  • Holistic Life Coach Certification
  • Usui Reiki level 1, 2 & Master Certification
  • A Course in Human Design
  • Personality Life Coach Certification

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About Me

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In 2019, I found myself trapped in a state of deep unhappiness, feeling like a mere shell of a person devoid of any genuine personality. Having spent my entire life conforming to societal expectations, I reached a breaking point. Lacking confidence, I hesitated to seek help directly, so I took matters into my own hands by enrolling in online life coaching courses. I believed that by acquiring the knowledge of experts, I could save myself.

As I began implementing the teachings I had learned, a profound transformation unfolded over the next two years. Not only did I gain qualifications to assist others, but more importantly, I discovered my true, authentic, and joyful self. This journey ignited a passion within me, and I started coaching other women who were yearning to reconnect with their own identities. However, the more I delved into their stories, the more determined I became to expand my knowledge and acquire powerful tools and techniques that could truly make a lasting impact in their lives.

Fast forward to 2024, and I now hold over 30 qualifications, including a Doctorate Degree in Metaphysical Sciences with plans to add many more as I truly believe that to be a forever student is the best way to evolve into what you were always meant to be.

My mission is clear: to support millennial women, like myself, in creating a deeply fulfilling life where they not only thrive but also find inner peace and fully embrace their extraordinary potential. Together, let's embark on this transformative journey, unlocking the radiant essence within you.

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Privacy Policy:

We will never sell, share or post any of your personal details to anyone or anywhere. Because that's just wrong.

Every session and discussion we have will remain strictly confidential.


I am not a medical doctor, psychiatrist, or therapist, my qualifications are non-secular in nature and accredited by the following institutions: American Association of Drugless Practitioners; American Alternative Medical Association; Complementary Therapists Accredited Association. The methods and techniques I teach are not intended to replace medical advice but instead work in conjunction with and as complementary to traditional medical care.

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